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Exam Preparation Course

1st January 2022

4:00 PM


Learn, Understand, Remember, Apply

36 hours Workshop That prepares you for PMI-PMP Examination

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn:

PMP stands for Project Management Professional—it’s the name of the certificate awarded to anyone who passes the PMP certification exam from Project management institute USA. So, if you successfully pass the PMP test, you become a globally certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Since the investment to earn the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification has been made, it’s time to make the commitment to prepare for the exam. Regardless of how advanced your project management experience or education might be, you should still prepare vigorously for the exam.

The PMP certification is the most recognized Individual certification in the area of Project Management and is valued worldwide. In some cases, it’s a mandatory qualification for a project management role. A project manager with a PMP certification can work as a project manager in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Invest in 36 hours of PMP Exam Preparation Course – Learn, Understand, Remember & Apply important project management concepts so that you can prepare for the PMP Examination & also work towards becoming a better project manager in the process who understand the global standards of project management.

Why an online live training?


Participate from anywhere to practice and Learn with Global participants


Save Time and Cost

About Host

Dimple Ahuja

PMP-PMI Certified since 2011 and Corporate Trainer since 1998

20+ Years Experience

Certified NLP & PMP Trainer

Trained 20k+ participants in India & Middle East.

Will I Obtain Any Certification?

Certificate with 35 PDU’s required for appearing in the exam will be provided.

Requirements to obtain the Certificate/Diploma:


Prepare Yourself for The PMP Certification quickly with this focused and comprehensive course.

  • This is a Complete Course developed with a focused goal on passing the exam– The participants get to learn every syllabus topic, without having to waste any time exploring irrelevant information.
  • Real Life Examples will be used.
  • Pre & Post Mock Test will be conducted.
  • Sample questions after every session
  • Tricks to select correct answer for questions
  • Understand the global standard concepts as per PMI. 
  • The lectures are delivered in a friendly, simple, and easy to understand manner– The participants will have fun learning the concepts because the lectures have been kept to be as light, easy, and painless to understand. Real Life examples of your  industry is been used &  the aim is to enjoy ourselves while preparing and keep boredom far away.
  • Special exam tips – Secret tips and techniques to pass the exam are shared throughout the course session wise.
  • Become a better Project Manager – By learning all the essential concepts, the participants will learn to manage projects like a professional having knowledge of global standards of project management.
  • Candidates interested in appearing for PMI PMP exams & would like to attend exam preparatory course.  
  • Candidates studied PMP preparatory course of 36 hours, and would like to refresh the course prior to appear for exams.
  • Candidates interested in knowing global standards of Project management to apply in day to day in projects for better results. 

This course will help you to gain knowledge of global standards of project management & will also help you to prepare for appearing in PMI-PMP exam with tricks & tips.


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James Smith
Banglore, India

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Angga Risky
Jakarta, Indonesia

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