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NLP Core Skills Diploma From NLP Academy, UK in just 5 Days


Unique 30 Hours program offers an in-depth learning experience of classic code NLP as originally created by John Grinder.

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A Course That Works For
You And Your Well Being

How NLP is going to help you?

A core principle of NLP is excellence, and this program allows you to reach for the excellence in all areas of your life, afforesting what has held you back previously and transforming those things.

This program aims to resolve your mental issues and will teach you the application of NLP in various fields like personal and professional growth, education, money making, relationship and wellness.

What You'll Learn During this 30+ hours course
These are the topics we will cover in this course.
About Host

Dimple Ahuja

Internationally certified and trained by John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP) , Carmen Bostic (Co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll ( Director NLP Academy, London, UK)

10+ Years Experience

Certified NLP Trainer

Trained 20K+ participants


Since it was created in the 1970s, NLP has proven to be an excellent tool used for personal development, in processes of behavioral change, for achieving professional excellence, in education, in sales, in the communication, in coaching, etc.

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See what attendees have to say about their experience during this course.

NLP course has given me so much clarity of life and how I can use it in my communication with self & others. Dimple has made my life so juicy & easy to understand. Her real-life examples are worth listening & understanding. She is great mentor & a coach which I have mentioned in my book also. It’s a treat to eb associated with her. Thank you so much dimple

Mohita Datta

Communication Coach, India

I love the way this course made me realize the surroundings and how we see the world. I got so much of clarity in life that sometimes I think its too much. Now I know how others are seeing the world and I can build up rapport and read their mind personally & professionally. I love dthe way course is designed and conducted and obviously the Global Certification is the icing on the cake.

Ankita Sahu

HR Analyst, Mumbai

NLP has helped me in many way. I can’t thank enough to clear my Stress, anxiety, sensations I used to feel. Most importantly is procrastination. I am loving the way I can change my behaviors and patterns. I am a better person now. I loved the examples and interactive sessions we had.

Totally loved it. Thanks Dimple

Manya Dosaj

Architect, Bangalore

Dimple is a great Coach & mentor I have met. She made us understand NLP so nicely and also explained life holistically. I loved the sessions esp. Breakout session practice and talking to unconscious every day. I overcame my procrastination totally and my cousins & friends are asking me what I have done. I have changed completely. My anger has gone & professionally I can much more confident and resourceful. Love you loads

Rashmeet Malhotra

Communication Coach, India

NLP has helped me to overcome my fear of life, changed my thinking process , handling of kids and I am able to handle my relationships better. This course has given me so much clarity and changing my behaviors also. Thank you so much dimple. You are great coach & mentor


House Wife, Kuwait

Dimple has taken me to the journey of NLP & helped to see the world differently. I am totally different person now and can take care of my family and kids well. I have overcome my limiting beliefs and helping others also to overcome their beliefs. Loved the way sessions were conducted and we were allowed to repeat and become mentors. She is always there to help all of the participants. Thank you so much dimple

Shubha Shree

House Wife, Kuwait

Will I Obtain Any Certification?

By taking this course you will receive the “Core Skills Certificate/Diploma” signed by John Grinder, Carmen
Bostic St.Clair and Michael Carroll.

Requirements to obtain the Certificate/Diploma:


  • Individual looking for Self-Development
  • Individuals who want to gain holistic wellness
  • Trainers, Counsellor, Psychologist, Healers
  • Businessman, Entrepreneur, Doctors, Engineers
  • Home-Maker
  • Students , Teenagers
  • Sportsperson & Sport Coaches
  • Upcoming Trainers and Coaches
  • Clarity on your Vision, Purpose & Values
  • Over comeNegative & Limiting Self belief
  • Enjoy Confidence and High SelfEsteem
  • Get rid of past painful memories, fear, phobias
  • Develop stronger and loving relationships
  • Deal with allergies and OCD
  • Master the Art of communication
  • Have more positive energy and relaxation in your Life
  • Remove the pattern of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Learn the art to communicate with subconscious mind
  • Improve your coaching and counseling skills
  • Be a Life Coach – Transform Lives, start with your own.

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