Workshop / Seminar

Workshops are a great way to learn about a particular subject, projects and methods in order to achieve by learning new skills and implement the same in practice.
Participants learn new way of thinking, new behavior, approach, skills and are motivated to work.

This interactive workshop will help you to:

  • Pick The Right Career
  • Performing different assessment test
  • Gain Confidence and Insight
  • Change Unwanted Behaviour Patterns
  • Remove Career-Related Frustration
  • Bring Stability in Thought

Time Management

This interactive workshop will help you in:

  • Planning and organizing your schedule
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Procuring opportunities and career growth
  • Knowing what you want to accomplish

Even though there will never be an ample amount of time in the day. After all, we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some individual accomplishes so much more with their time than others? The answer resides in Time management.

Spot tasks that really need your attention, so you can focus on them first. Ideal for Students, Corporates /business houses and Educational Institutes.

Communication Skills

This workshop with me will help you to:

  • Increase the efficacy of the project.
  • Overcome communication barrier at the workplace.
  • Conveying your ideas & thoughts
  • Develop a better client relationship with commendable communication skills

Communication skills? The first step towards successfully managing your projects.

Since the most critical factor in professional life is communication skills, take time to improve some.

You only get one shot to create a tremendous first impression & good communication skills will make it easier for you to get it on point. Optimal for aspiring Project Managers.

Have you ever speculated why some projects achieve their objective on time even though you have predominant employees? The answer to this question lies in Project Management

While every project is different and unique which may need specific solutions to succeed, some basic project management templates and tools can help you manage your projects.

Fundamentals of Project Management

This workshop will help you in:

  • Ensuring doing right things at the right time
  • Identify your objective goal first
  • Major Risks
  • Plan in advance
  • Use waterfall or Agile technology
  • Usage of tools & Techniques
  • Prioritizing your business resources and ensure their efficient use
  • Improving productivity and effectiveness
  • Boosting your bottom line


Manage your risks, manage your success!

A must-have workshop for organizations that are willing to accelerate their thought process and align their concept of risk management.
Workshop is designed in line with flow of PMI-PMP Risk Management on Project(s) which is to be applied throughout the project life cycle.


Building relationships in business is a must!

A workshop to understand the process of contract management, negotiating & building relationship with vendors and develop new contracts efficiently.

  • Identification of Bidders
  • Types of contract
  • Contract management
  • Claims & administration
  • Closure of contracts
A necessary skill for excellence!

I take pride in providing various management and administrative principles which are necessary to inspire, engage and make learning come to life.

We rise by lifting others!

Helping you build a strong team while simultaneously achieving valuable learning objectives is what we are best in.

One voice can change a room!

Our workshop is specially designed to motivate, occupy and assist the potential leaders to develop the skills required to meet whatever leadership challenges lay ahead.

Your network is your net worth!

The major aim of the workshop is to make you learn how to build and maintain a strong and valuable network along with making you understand the pitfalls you should absolutely avoid.

Decision is the ultimate power!

Our workshop is primarily focused on decision making & narrowing down the ideas and choose the finest option to execute.


Every problem has a solution and Conflicts are essential for projects!

Career Counselling

Design, develop, analyze and evaluate your career and begin a new chapter of success!