Project Management

Project Management Consultant

Key to Success

Behind the success of any project, there is a Project Manager at its root. A project is presumed to be successful if it attains the objectives, set within a given time frame, budget and within its constraints.
If you are serious about your Project Management career and your professional development, you need to advance your career by having structured knowledge of all 49 Project Management processes that are defined in PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide. These processes are mapped across 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups and defined as per the global standards of Project Management with concepts of Predictive (Waterfall) methodology to Agile Methodology.

Scope of the Training

  • Understand the objective of project initiation in charter and benefit of Project Selection.
  • Identifying major risks, constraints and milestones of your project.
  • Know the Environment of your project execution.
  • Engaging and enhancing stakeholders satisfaction.
  • Implementation of standard approach (waterfall or Agile or Hybrid) suitable for managing projects.
  • Accomplish your objective and meeting deadlines within your project constraints.
  • Understanding the process of Risk Management, Procurement, Quality Management and communication in the organisation.
  • Integrating all the process, knowledge area with team engagement and development.
  • Successfully implementing the project planning as per the objective and methodology of the project.

Training outline can be customized as per client’s requirement in line with their status of project. PMI-PMP preparatory course is also scheduled as per the client’s requirement.

Training Methodology

  • Highly interactive sessions with creative presentation.
  • Instructors led classroom / Live virtual sessions.
  • Clear, concise and simple tips to prepare for certification.
  • Exercises at the end of each session.
  • Real life examples to understand the concept .
  • Doubts clearing session.
  • Pre and post analysis of understanding the concepts.
  • Post training support is also facilitated.

Concept to Completion

Whether your project is in the initiation phase or execution phase if you feel it is slipping off your hand and you need the expertise to bring it back on track; we’ve got the solutions.
In order to excel as a Project Manager or expertise in this field, one must be crystal clear with the concepts of project management which sets the base for any project that is undertaken.
Projects are chaotic in nature, to tame this chaos a clear path must be chalked out from start to finish. The success of any project is highly dependent on its sound schedule. Each project is unique in itself, therefore discipline and methodology that works for one project might not necessarily work for others. Excel the art of creatively implementing these principles and methods in your projects with me.